Privacy policy (GDPR)

This Privacy Policy explains how I, Maria del Carmen Calvo Rodriguez, use and protect the information provided by you during your contract with Cambio Counselling.

In accordance with the new guidelines for Data Protection (GDPR 2018), I only collect and retain personal information that is necessary for the service I provide.

Personal Information

If you request counselling or psychotherapy services, you will be asked to sign a ‘Counselling and Psychotherapy Agreement’. This agreement will include your name and contact details, as what is known as personal information. This information is stored in a securely locked filing cabinet in my office and I am the only person that has access to it. This information is collected for the purposes of communication between us and will not be shared with third parties unless there is a legal requirement to do so, or if your counselling sessions are being paid by a third party. It is also used for invoicing purposes. Once you stop using the services at Cambio Counselling, this information will be securely destroyed, with the exception of invoicing references needed for business record purposes.

Sensitive Information

The purpose of collecting sensitive information is so that I can provide a safe, ethical and effective service. The type of sensitive information I can collect may include your GP’s contact details, your medical history and emergency contact details.

After our sessions I may make some brief notes, also for the purposes of professional, safe and ethical practice. This can also help me understand better the content of our sessions. This type of sensitive information is stored separately from your personal information, so that it cannot be linked to you.

I will only disclose personal or sensitive information in those cases where I have a legal obligation to do so, or when I may have reasons to believe that there is a risk of harm to yourself or others.

Your sensitive information will be kept for as long as you are using a service with Cambio Counselling, after which time it will be securely destroyed.

Security measures

• A locked cabinet is used to store paperwork, although most data is kept in a secure, password-protected digital file format.

• As a second level of security, all electronic devices used to handle and store your data and information are themselves password protected.

• Data and information will be destroyed when no longer needed or when you stop using Cambio Counselling. If it is kept for a longer period of time due to particular circumstances, it will never exceed 7 years.


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