On-line and phone counselling

Whilst face-to-face sessions tend to be the preferred option of most people, on-line and telephone sessions have certain advantages. The main one, at the moment, being that therapy can continue regardless of any restrictions due to Covid-19.

There are certain considerations to be highlighted when using this format of therapy.


When having your session either by phone or on line, I will always do it from my private office, making sure nobody overhears what we discuss. It is also important that you try to do the same and use a room where you are on your own and nobody can interrupt and/or overhear us.


For on-line sessions you will need a laptop, smartphone or tablet, sufficiently charged, with access to a webcam and microphone. If you have hearing problems, a headset can help.

You will need a stable internet connection using wi-fi or mobile data.

For on-line sessions, I tend to use Zoom. If you are not familiar with this application, don’t worry; I can send instructions prior to our first session. You can find more information about system requirements here.

I normally schedule a brief slot before your first session so that we can test, try and, if needed, sort out any technological issues.

If Zoom is not an option for you, we can discuss alternative ways to have an online session, or use the telephone.